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GT 500 registry?


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Is there any options for us to get our GT 500's in the shelby registry along with plaques or equivilent?

It sure would be nice to have something for our GT 500's.

I ordered mine 3 weeks ago from shelby performance parts. Ken told me it actually takes about 2-3 weeks to get the plaque back from the engraver. The rest of the time is waiting for Carroll Shelby to sign them when he is town. Total time is about 8 weeks. I was told that it is wise to get this done. Mr. Shelby may discontinue these at any time. I paid $325.00 wich includes the signed Vin# dash plaque & 2 GT500 kick plates. Not a bad deal. It will be nice to have a gt500 SIGNED BY THE MAN HIMSELF.

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