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Hau Thai-Tang Signed My Shelby GT 500 hat at Carlisle Ford Weekend

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Hau Thai-Tang Signed My Shelby GT 500 hat at Carlisle Ford Weekend!

We had the pleasure of attending the presentation at Carlisle and afterwards I asked him to sign my new hat. (I had just gotten a new Red/white stripe Shelby GT 500 hat)

I will keep it with my new car!!!

(I wish they made the hats in orange)

Also waiting to develop the pictures.

Goldberg was also there and he is a great speaker.


Also we were fortunate enough to meet this sites Moderators at Carlisle.

I have to tell all of you they are the nicest people i have ever met.

It was so much fun talking with them about the Shelby and about Ford.

They do such a great job with this site.

We are very lucky to have them,and we really apprieciate all the hard work that goes into the site.

Thank you Sharon and Robert!!!!!




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very cool, Judy...






Shelby Autos has had a GT500 t-shirt for sale: two versions, one 60s, one current. The current one is black with golden Shelby chest logo and GT500 on back. There may be other variations too, but those I remember. I bought the current one last Nov when I was out there (20min north of Vegas at the racetrack assembly site where Cobras are built and museum is located). They are probably available online and over the phone too.



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