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Congradulations !!!


I just got mine a week ago (red coupe with white stripes).


You will truly fall in love with it when you get it. Until then you will suffer from the pre-delivery stress syndrome (pdss) than many of us did. You will also find yoursel obsessively tracking the progress of the car all the way to your dealership.

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LOL...love the screen name... I think I bleed blue too!


You'll love them....When I brought mine home back in '06, I bet I went to the garage a dozen times that night just to look at it!


Heck being out of the country and reading y'all's post, I'm getting excited all over again. I can't wait to get back!


You'll have a blast with them.


I saw a Performance white with satin...way sexy... They didn't have that option when I got mine.


Come to think of it, they didn't have any option. You put your 3 favorite colors in, and they called as they came in according to your place on the list. The first one my dealer got was a red, so I passed on it to get the white vert. NO Shaker 1000, no nav...but I do love it.


And yeah, us old timers do like the old, oops...I mean CLASSIC look! :hysterical2::hysterical::hysterical2:

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TexesShelby...are you in the military over seas? Ask because I am retired Navy with 2 tours in Nam, Betuit, Libya and Gulf 1, all three of my son-in-laws are active duty. #2 just got back for Iraq, he is out of Ft. Hood, light calvery. #1 is at Andrews AFB and #3 is at the White House comm team.

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