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Hood Scoop FReplacement

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I'm getting ready to head to the dealer to make arrangements for the replacement of the warped scoop and the post that i was relying on is gone! Does anyone have the contact information and or the info on what has to ne done for this replacement. Thanks.

Iwould hold off on this read scoop in Shelby GT mod section the fix is NOT a fix

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Some people have had the scoop updated and had problems. My scoop, done three weeks ago still looks fine and is MUCH better than the old one.






As for your question this is a standard warranty job. Your dealer needs to call the 800 number listed in your warranty info. They will be asked to supply pictures and email to Ford Racing. I would seriously suggest you take these yourself with a good camera and at the right angle needed to show the imperfection(s). Burn these to a CD and give them to your dealer if at all possible.


Good luck!


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