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Garage Project: Phase II

Carl Bishop

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Too Cool--that looks great!




Totally AWESOME!!! How long did it take and what was the hardest part?




An hour or so for my wife to trace the image, 6 hours to do the tape, 30 minutes or less to paint..


Cutting the curved corners in the tape.



Great job!


How do you project that screen image on the wall like that?


Borrowed a SHARP video projector from work... I built a small platform and placed it on top of my wife's Durango to get it high enough up on the wall.


I wish I had used an overhead foil projector; it would have worked much better, but I couldn't find one to save my life.


That is awsome!!!


Thanks again..

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I was surprised on how well it turned out myself... (There was a gallon of white paint ready to be used if it turned out like crap) There is no way I'd attemp this again! I just about lost my mind several times.


DANG! Just when I was going to ask you to come do my garage! :doh:

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Storm are your stripes gold? They look gold in your pic but the one above uit posted by someone else looks silver. Maybe it was the lighting.




Nope............. your right!, they are gold. The story goes like this.......last July I had a heart attack and ended up having 5 bypasses done, at that point I decided that "you can't take it with you" so the day I left the hospital we drove down to the Ford dealer and I bought the Shelby. I had seen it months earlier and just loved the car but I already had a stable of cars. So what I did was trade my BMW Z3 for the Shelby, they gave me a hell of a deal. Anyway, the stripes on the car had spots on them and the dealer said that they would change the stripes for me before I picked it up. I asked them if they would put gold on instead of the silver, the reason being was because all my race cars over the years were black and gold. I didn't even know the GT-H were around until I saw them on the Shelbyforums after the fact. My first thoughts were "oh $hit, now I'm going to be called a poser". But I'm extremely please the way things turned out...............I've gotten thousands of guys drooling over that car, all very positive comments and truely one of a kind personal GT. Next up is my faux gas cap I'm making, wait till you see this, it's so kool and one of a kind.........pictures to come when it's done!

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Thanks to all for the positive remarks.....


It was the best $20 I've spent so far. I have more planned, I'll keep adding pictures of my progress as projects get finished. And I may need to look into one of those banners myself.

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Phase I of my garage project was to have a workshop built for my wife. She loves to refinish furniture and such. Plus it's big enough to put all of our lawn & garden tools along with all the other junk from the garage excpt for car stuff that is. I'm almost there getting everything out....





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It is going to take a while to finish my garage (my wife calls it my toy box).


40' x 64' x 16' (walls) Concrete floor. Walls are 100% insulated and partially finished inside


Holy crap, that's sweet!




I was planning on building a second garage, 24 x 24 in our back yard at our new house. But because of where our house was built on our lot, the county environmental department wouldn't let me, it would be in the way of our maintance field for the septic system. When we bought the house my wife gave me a choice of a new garage or new car. So I had to settle for the SHELBY.... :headspin:

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