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Finally Confirmed...June 12 is my day!!


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Well my fellow GT500 geeks, things are looking up for me. I spoke to my dealer rep on Friday and he told me that my GT500 order now has a status of sent to plant, and a production date of June 12! It's vista blue with tungsten stripes; all options except satellite radio. I've been working with the same dealer for over a year and they haven't changed their story...$5K over sticker for me (they took offers of $10K and $15K for cars #3 and #4 if indeed they get that many). I had agreed to the $5K markup way back just to eliminate the headache of what the market was going to do. Seems it's going to soften up a bit given the increased production run (R&T magazine states a 3 year run with 8K - 10k total each year). Either way, I just finished paying off my 03 Terminator and it's good to know she's going to have a baby brother hopefully by July! Now...if we can just keep the hurricanes away...



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