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Sports Car Market Mag Shelby Article


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Don't have access to it. Can you elaborate? I would be interested to know what it says.




Shelby/SAAC article two pages giving both sides comments wondering why everyone just cannot get along. Interesting read. i just wondered what anybody else thought about it. Author suggests that SAAC was a huge part in keeping Shelby name alive and keeping track of the cars and then sums it up by saying why can there not be two clubs for Shelby Cars? Like other sports car clubs. I am new to Shelby ownership and have never joined any car club, except the new Team Shelby. I have been into anything with wheels since I was a kid, and started wrenching at 8. I am not a joiner by nature, after this article it reaffirmed why I do not join clubs, associations , groups etc. No regrets for joining Team Shelby, just an interesting article. Best car magazine on the planet IMO.

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