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looking for shaker 500 out of a 2008 mustang


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Had i known beforehand i would've done a swap with you. I just picked up a Shaker 500 from a 2007 mustang on eBay because of the knobs. I think the chrome accents look silly in my '08 GT-500 since all of my trim is "brushed aluminum" (gauge trim, vent trim, shifter knob) Why they decided to stick a radio with chrome accents in this car is beyond me. My radio would look great in a 2007 Shelby GT because all the trim in that car is chrome.


...let me guess, you have a 2007 SGT ?

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Anybody took or taking out their shaker 500 radio and want to sell Iam looking for one


Thanks in advance



Are you still looking for a 2008 Mustang Shaker 500 system? Because I just bought an 08 Mustang and replaced the system.

Let me know if you're still looking.




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