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Vegas Pictures from Saturday


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link not working


Very nice, I would have liked to be there.

Thanks for capturing some of it for all us that coudn't make it.


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Stayed at the road course/car show. Thats where all the action was.


Ya I was also in the car show' but no pass for the road coarse.

Probably walked right by ya. Sure was a great day as the weather

was good and the "BULL RUN" on Friday was a "HOOT".

Record time run from Barstow to Vegas as my MustangGT did

a good job keeping up with the GT500s and ShelbyGTs.


Good thing my MustangGT is "TORCH RED" or would a been "SOL"???? :hysterical:

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Great pics. Thanks. It's a real bummer that someone wrecked his/her Shelby on the track. :cry:


Yes, VERY sad, but the driver was ok and that's what's really important. From the looks of the pictures the car looks fixable to me. I was bummed to see the rear panel damage, more difficult a fix, but I've seen worse look and drive like new so here's to hoping it all works out.



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