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wheel and tire fit ?

shelby tom

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I posted this also on tech forum....but maybe someone here has an opinion...


Looking for some help / advice from the more knowledgeable of you out there...even though I've measured everything, I'd feel better getting some additional opinions/thoughts before I commit and spend $$.


I am wanting to put a 305/35/20 tire on the rear of my 40th anniversary car which comes with a 275/35/20 rear tire and has been lowered (maybe an 1" to 1.5" from stock ?) with the Eibach adjustable rear springs. I am planning to have the 20" razor wheels widened to 10.5"...the 1.5" widening will be all to the inside. I know the 305 tire will be about .85" taller and 1.2" wider. Should I expect any fitment problems with this plan, and if so, it is an easy adjustment or more major modifications ?


Appreciate any and all advice. Thanks.

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