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:banghead: Hello fellow Shelby owners from Kingston Ontario. I think all you American brothers (and sisters) should nominate Carroll for president. He could put the economy on the fast track! Seriously, up here is Ontario, they pasesed a new law for speeding. If you are doing more than 50km/h (about 30mph) over the posted speed, the cops can confiscate your car, fine you $10,000.00 and crush (yes CRUSH!) your car! I heard a rumor that one Shelby may have met this fate in Toronto (unconfirmed). They have destroyed at least 15 cars so far, mostly street races. Is it even possible to drive a Shelby under that speed? That is like 2nd gear! I am now bannished to country roads and hoping old Bessy didn't jump the fence. Either that or $25 a lap at the racetrack by Ottawa. Anyone thinking of moving to Ontario, read this posting a few more times. Digruntled Ken



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