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New member from Stockholm Sweden


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This is my first post on this forum, which I joined as Shelby Team member some weeks a go.

I'm a Cobra replica builder and hope to see more information about the Cobra on this forum.

I drive a 1996 Mustang GT on weekdays and my Cobra hopefully will be finished about summer 2010.... :headspin:


The Cobra is powered by a brand new 1998 Mustang 4,6L 32V DOHC Cobra engine with a Centerforce HP Clutch and a T-45 5-speed manually gearbox and a Mustang 8,8 rear axel with 31 splined shafts hanging in a 4 link with coilowers. In front there is a Art Morrison IFS arrangement (Mustang II style) also with coilowers. Brakes will be Willwood 6 caliper on 14" rotors in fron an 4 caliper on 13" rotors in back.... and YES it's propably overkill of the year on a 1050 KG (2200 pound) car, but it might help me to some nice prices at carshows.


The engine will be force feed by a Vortech V-2 blower i'v been using on my Grand Cherokee 5,2L with exellent result.


Well that's it for now. Please send me a message if U have any Q. or comments.


C YA // Shelby Micke :happy feet:

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Welcome to this board! I've been to Stockholm a couple of years ago and although my stay was brief, I found it to be a very nice city. Of all places, it is also there that I saw a Ford GT "live" for the first time. It had the heritage color combo (powder blue and orange). Maybe you've seen it as I guess there must be very few of them driving around in Sweden.

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Sorry I haven't seen the one You mention, maybe it was on a visit here like You :burnout:


But I have seen two other GT's rolling around on the streets of Stockholm, one blue'n white and one red'n black?.


Rgrds Shelby Micke

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:happy feet: Hey Mike


Welcome to TEAM SHELBY, a great Organization and great people !


Do you have any pictures of the car your building .. Rule # 1 on Team Shelby ... LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURES :happy feet: :happy feet:

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Welcome to the site Shelby Micke. I am sure you will enjoy it as it is a great forum full of great people.


I am often in Sweden, as I work for Sandvik, and quite often go to Sandviken and other parts of the country. I was in Malmo just last month and will be in Stockholm next month again.

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Hi All

An other Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Conv, coming to småland, Sweden.

Vista Blue with all options.




After several years of looking and searching for the right opportunity I finally found it.

At a Ford Dealer in La Grange in Texas, there it was.


It had what I had been looking for, it was not Brand new as I planned from the beginning, but it had all other advantages including a good titel (very important in order to have a simpler procees of import and registration).


I Purchased the car in January.

I ordered all upgrading parts needed for the SUPER SNAKE conversion.

I went to La Grange in end March, was in the Dealers garage during the upgrading, working with the people, and learning a lot of things.

Beginning April it was loaded on a truck, bringing the car to west coats as a friend will take car of the shipping and registration and importation issues.

This week it will be loaded on the ship so end June I hope it is ready on the road in Sweden.


I have found may new friends along the road in this process.


I am waiting for the car every day now....


I will update you more later.



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