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Pics of my 07

Dark Horse 07

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I did this because insideline.com did an very bad comparison of the Shelby GT vs an 08 STI. But all and all I was just having some fun. I hope you enjoy it. I'm a fair new GT owner and this is my first Stang.



Sex in the City


Tale of an American Classic




It had come to my attention as of late that there have been some odd and downright of sports car comparisons. One that really caught my eye was the comparison of the 07 Shelby Mustang GT to an 08 WRX STI! Huh... are you kidding me... Can we say apples to oranges in many ways. But for people who know their cars we know this already.


The article and video on the GT/STI really made a car, dubbed one of the coolest cars ever built in the world (the mustang) seem largely pathetic. After reviewing that conundrum, then seeing all the Mustangs out on the road (one every 4.5 minutes), it made me ask myself what is so bad about this horse? I'll give you the answer right now. "Nothing". Synonymous with the name Eleanor for the classic car of the 60s, over all the 2005-2007 Mustang is a great car. Yes, I said it and I would say it again. So let us look at the why.


To do this I willingly slipped myself into a dark horse (because it's black) 2007 Premium GT that could be easily dub the GT 350 given the modifications that give this Mustang a distinguish tasteful look making it stand out among all others.

Now the hard numbers for the Mustang GT have been all over the board, so for the record.... Let’s take a quick look at the numbers:


GT 350 Coupe


Curb weight 3450

Engine 4.6-liter V8

0-60 5.1- 4.9 sec (Depending on the driver)

1/4 mile 13.5 102.49 mph

Braking 126.7 ft

700-ft slalom 70.2 mph. The stock car came in at 68.9 mph.




Are you kidding me! These are great number for a 3400 lb V8 and it even runs on pump 87, HA! Now this GT 350 has a few tricks up its sleeve. For starters it's been neatly lowered with Eibach sport springs and rides a set of 20" American racing Shelby edition Torq-Thrust black rims, rapped in Nitto Extreme ZR 265 30s in the front and 285 30s in the back, for the rubber. This gives this horse the sure footing it needs to do the job. Noted, that the breaking from 60 (at 126 ft) is a little long but not bad for a car of its weight and size, but is steady and there is very little fade after running it again and again.


But, this is no one trick pony. You see that's the great about this car. You can make it so much more than it is. You want more power, throw a blower on it and you'll be have more than you'll know what to do with. I've seen turbo and bi turbo set ups and the kick its and unless you decide to go crazy you (whispering), can keep the stock internals. “But what about that ancient live rear axle", they all cry about. Yes, I know an independent one would be better, yes yes I know. Nevertheless, don't count the GT out just yet. Yes it has the live rear axle but with some upgrades. To keep the cost down Ford kept the axle but added a 3 link set up and thicker anti roll and sway bars to help. Matter of fact this is the same set up that helped to the Ford MGT racing to team to a number of wins in 2005 and 2007 in race with the likes of Porsche, BMW, Nissan to name a few. So, it has been race proven hmmm.... So, it’s good enough for me a guy that does just enough to get a good size speeding ticket or run around the track if I want.




We took our horse out for a spin in the city of hills and streets well known to the Mustang of the past, to see how would a new American classic be received. Amongst the all the towering concrete and steal buildings the GT was right at home. It was a fairly cool, damp day in SF. However, the city was still a buzz with business and was the perfect backdrop to get some great shots of the car. When we pulled in to the city we immediately pulled up to a 2005 Bentley GT. Sitting a bit lower then the Bentley, in our red leather, the rich guy couldn't help but look over and give us the thumbs up.




We continued on winding though the city and enjoying the pointing and smiles we got at almost every stop light. Turning up Broadway I noticed how close we were to the wharf and clam chowder was calling my naming. We promptly made a U-turn and headed that way. Parked the car and we were rushed by kids with their camera phones and adults that gave the car the once over walked on and looked over there shoulder as if they thought they had seen a mirage. As I searched for change to feed the meter, a shop owner (he was Japanese I believe) approaches me tapping me on the shoulder "I really like your car! It is very nice, very beautiful", he exclaimed. I was a bit shocked. I thought, all the cars he must see down here and I'm sure he has a hard core love for imports like most around these parts.




So I got my chowder in a bread bowl and hit the road. I got on the Bay Bridge and hit the interstate. The extra air provided by the Cervini concept hood with duel 16" vents up front really gave the GT some extra pull when dropping into any of the 5 gears. I really enjoyed the trip to the city. The car handles itself very well under wet and dry conditions. Cornering for the GT 350 was excellent although the rear end had a tendency to brake loose if I used too much of the 320 ft lbs torque, but it was promptly corrected by the traction control system. The bottom line is the people, whom I had largely lost my faith in found their way back to and loved this modern American classic.



Long live Eleanor.


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Well written! I especially like your comment about the "ancient" live axle design! I posted the same sentiments several times. They ought to ask the M3 driver what he thinks about the live axle just after he gets passed by one :happy feet:


Your Horse is very handsome. Welcome to the forums.

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Well written! I especially like your comment about the "ancient" live axle design! I posted the same sentiments several times. They ought to ask the M3 driver what he thinks about the live axle just after he gets passed by one :happy feet:


Your Horse is very handsome. Welcome to the forums.



Thank you, it seem like axle comes a lot in reviews and what not. And at this point it's a bunch of crap. But what really did for me is the insideline.com video of the 08 STI vs the Shelby GT. At one point the said, if doing donuts in a Wal Mart parking lot then the Mustang is for you, while praising the STI in every area. It was insane. The video is still up there if you anyone wants to take a look at it.

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That was cool, love your car great job! That STi article was really funny. The subaru has no style to me, I don't care how fast it is. The Japanese sport bikes look cool to me but the cars are few and far between. The new Nissan GTR is very far off the style mark to me. Besides a blower wil make all the difference in the world! :happy feet:

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