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Our CSBB has officially begun


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Well, for some of us here in balmy New England and Mid-Atlantic, we've already officially begun our adventure for the 85th Carroll Shelby Birthday Bash (CSBB). Yesterday, we loaded up the rig with 6 Shelby's courtesy of riharley's success in finding a truck.


I posted some pictures on my Photobucket site under the album 85th Shelby Birthday Bash heading. I would have put more but Roger and I both have surprises about our cars so you'll just have to wait for the bash.


I also have begun telling the story in my blog. This Thursday, I'll post pictures so you'll see the surprises.


For those not attending but wishing to get as frequent as possible updates, I will be posting as often as possible on my blog so please feel free to keep checking. I welcome any comments, thoughts or ideas there so please add something in the comments section. If anyone has any questions while we're out there, put them in my blog in one of the comments sections. Since I get instant updates on my Blackberry, I'll be sure to get the question and find answers.

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