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Picked a couple things for the Shelby's Garage today!!!!!!!!!!!!

William Rodgers

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Picked up my Jack, Jack Stands($99 for both at Home Depot), and a Stool($19 also at Home Depot) for the Garage. The Jack even came with a little toy for the kids, a mini jack that works just like the big one, but is for display purposes only. Pretty cool, can not drive much in New England, but I sure can get stuff ready for when I start driving more. I finally passed 100 miles today on the odometer.






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wow, nice garage floor! :hysterical::hysterical:



No pic's of the Garage yet, but I did do the floor with Epoxy 2-part paint, Gray with blue and white chips. House was brand new so I came before we moved in and did it so it could cure for a week or so before we drove on it. So far it has held up great, now I just have to fix up the rest of the Garage, then i will post pic's.

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