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2007/2008 GT-500 ordering


Did you custom order your car or took from the lot?  

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  1. 1. Did you order it or did the dealer order it?

    • Yes, i special ordered it
    • No, i chose what was available from the dealer

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I'm thinking at least 80% of the dealers did the ordering and sold off what they had. Probably 20% of the customers were able to order the car to their liking.


*Note*: If you searched and found the car you wanted, or would have ordered it the way it was, that doesn't count. The dealer still was the one who originally ordered it even though it was exactly as you wanted.


I was able to order the car.

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Suprised at the results thus far. There may be something about the model year differences in ordering. All i know is, most guys that i talked to in person did not order the car. They either looked for one out of state to their liking, or took one a dealer had on the showroom floor. The dealer i ordered mine from only had an allotment of 6. 5 out of the 6 allotments were ordered by the salesman.

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I was particular to what I ordered, so I wasn't going to take dealer stock or order, but I just my exact car on ebay, so it would have been a little faster to take stock on hand. I really don't see the difference as long as you get what you want.


Also, the numbers my be skewed here since we all had access to all the info and each other. I know it helped me choose my optionsto be asking questions here first.

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Ordered mine exactly as I wanted it. Was deployed to Iraq in Feb '06 when the dealers started taking orders. I sent emails to 15 SVT dealers around the Southeast, received one reply... I sent them a deposit, ordered my car via email, never signed a document until I picked it up a year later.


Trying to find opportunity for another!



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I found out about what a GT500 was on a Tuesday night 9/12/07. Walked into the dealership on Friday 9/14 to talk. Made on offer on Saturday 9/15/07. Took the car on the floor. Ebony red package. Loaded with navigation. Perfect. Paid 3000 adm. I love the car.




Drove it home that night.



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