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Just picked up # 5696, white Shelby GT with 19 miles........

William Rodgers

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I picked up my Shelby GT yesterday, it is white, came with IUP, wheel locks, Anti-theft, Sirius, heated seats, and the Shaker 1000. I got it for x-plan minus the $1000 bonus cash and 0% financing for 60 months. I test drove a Roush 427 the same day, it was a beast. It would have only been a couple grand more, but at the end of the day the Shelby looks better, handles better, and it is a Shelby. I can just Supercharge my Shelby and it will just as fast, maybe faster, than the Roush. For now it is staying stock with the exception of some Shelby parts. I ordered the Shelby Signature Mats, the lower Grille insert, rear License Plate Holder, and the Hood Pin Kit. I also ordered the 1/18 Diecast and 3-1/64 Diecast cars, one for me and one for each of my 2 year old twin boys!!!!!!!!!!


I am still debating the Shelby Print for $599. Anyone that has done this please give input.


Sun came out a couple hours ago, must go for a ride now.................


I will post pic's later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:


Glad to be part of the forum, look forward to getting to know you all!!!!!!!!!



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