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Bad day for White SGTs in NY?


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So, today some MORON backed into my car in the parking lot at work. Of course, I park WAY off to the side in a particular spot (I arrive early every day and have my choice of the lot). Just a small nick in my front bumper stripe, but I can't help but be annoyed - I never scratch my cars, it's always someone else dinging my doors, etc... makes ya dislike humanity sometimes.


Of course, I was kicking myself, since I've pretty much stopped driving the Shelby this winter, and bought a Jeep for a winter car. But the weather today was predicted to be good, and I couldn't resist. D'oh.


Anyway, one of my coworkers grabbed me a few minutes later because "he heard my car got messed up", and since everyone at work KNOWS how much I love it (they painted my office to match my car while I was on vacation this summer), he looked shaken. "Are you all right?", etc... Turns out, it was a misunderstanding. He said he had seen a MAJOR accident with a white SGT on the Northern State Parkway on his way in moments earlier, and thought it was me!


Anyway, if that's true, and that owner is on this forum, I hope everything's OK!



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