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my car has been bucked


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Congratulations! What is your scheduled production week?


Even though the plant is shut down, the computer still schedules build dates.


I believe from now on, you can't change anything about your order.


You'll be riding soon!

My schedule date is 12-31 and status date is 01-02. But I think if it says it was bucked, doesn't that mean it has been built??

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I believe bucked means that the body has been built. The actual body of the vehicle is ready for the production line.


I'm assuming your actual build date is the 2nd. Mine is the 3rd. :D

Thanks Joker. I didn't know for sure what bucked indicated. My dealer even thought that it indicated it being built. Now I need to worry that it gets built the day back from vacation. Sorta like in the old days being built on a Monday.

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My dealer said his printout today showed my car had been bucked. How can that happen with the plant shut down from 24th till jan 2nd?


Bucked means your car is on the assembly line. It's hull is on the line. It will be completed in 22 hrs. If your dealer said the car was bucked, it was probably built just before the shut down. Next step is Gate Release--This is the date it is released to the transport carriers. Congragulations, it won't be long now. Enjoy your ride!!!!!!!!


DC :happy feet:

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