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2010 Mustang?


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It still looks better than the camaro mule photos that I saw.



The V6 option looks interesting but the big blocks may have a short like with the


cafe limits. Maybe the big blocks will be placed in the specialty cars Boss , etc.

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Twin turbo on a V6 could be a lot of fun if they did not pack on a lot of weight. My 84 SVO Mustang was great fun.


+1. I've owned a couple of cars with Twin Turbo V6s and found them to offer a good mix of performance and reasonable fuel economy. With two small turbos instead of a bigger one, turbo lag is nearly unnoticeable and todays turbo engines can be tuned to provide lots of low end torque. That being said, a turbo V6 can't match a V8 as far as engine sound is concerned and given the choice, in a rear drive american muscle car such as the Mustang, I would still take a V8.

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