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So who's coming to the Team Shelby Kick off?

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Ok, so the theme behind team Shelby is to unite Shelby enthusiasts from any era, Carroll said as much in his description of the new club. Although the text does say GLH's instead of GLHS's but heck, close enough for me :grouphug: I gotta admit when I first saw blogs about how SAAC got the rug pulled out, I was sympathetic to them... Then after reading Carroll's response how they didn't hold up their end (and didn't pay the $1. yearly licensing fee!) of the club contract, it's makes more sense. Hard to imagine the leaders of the SAAC club actually said (wrote in a post somewhere) that they were big enough not to need Carroll :censored: I'm sure the litigation will drag on and on as suits usually do.


So lets move forward, I'm going on the assumption that dodge era Shelby owners will be welcomed into the Team and invited to particiapate in any driving events that Team Shelby plans...


I can't actually take the entire weekend of the 12th and 13th of January to drive to Vegas but what I will do is come out to LA on Thursday afternoon the 11th and join in any festivities/events taking place. Just from lurking around the TS forums, it seems the official LA hotel is the LAX Radisson, although with parking for only 80 cars together (plus the hotel guests not part of TS need space to park) I would imagine that is gonna fillup fast. One other thing I saw posted is that the Petersen Automotive Museum is just just a short drive from the Radisson. Anyone know if they are expecting 'us' or if anything sanctioned is planned?


Any other Shelby Dodge fans coming out to LA or Vegas?



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