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Rev limiter


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It's supposed to be here the week of January 17th. That's what I was told last week anyway.


I haven't heard anything new so with a build date of the 3rd that seems about right if everything goes smooth.

You just jinxed it by saying the word smooth. :hysterical2:

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I should be getting my blend date pretty soon. I just checked Blue Oval and that's my next step. Had a segmented date on the 12th.


I think a pdf of the window sticker will send me over the edge right now. :woohoo:


I'm not sure what's worse, waiting to get it or getting it and not being able to drive it because of the snow. :banghead: I had my wife sitting in the car while I showed her all the pretty colours the dashbaord will display last night. I start it and listen to it about once a day too. I need some dry roads for a couple of days to get this out of my system.


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