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12 days of xmas- Im getting my present hopefully!


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My dealer called me today, and told me my car is getting striped, and they are scheduled to receive it on the 27th. But then he told me the GM is try to get "a rush?" on the delivery to get it here before xmas, so they don't have to deal with it the last week of the year, cuz they are getting alot of cars shipped in. Can they do that? If so, :headspin:


I CANT WAIT! :happy feet:

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Hope so usually takes two weeks to stripe but they are doing some at the plant at the end of the line.GOOD LUCK



I just talked to Ford, and they told me it was loaded on a train on the 10th!!!


ITS on its way to me now!!!! :banvictory::banvictory::banvictory::banvictory::banvictory::banvictory::banvictory:


Now the question is, how do I find out a railcar tracking number? Ford had no idea what i was talking about...


I don't wanna bother Grabber, but I don't think he can help me till i find out a railcar number. :shrug:


I know....its here when its here...but I am a bit envious of the daily tracking that our wonderful Grabber provides!


I just cn't beleive its finally my turn!!! :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:


P.S. There will be LOTS of pictures, since this will be the first of the Red Striped 500s for this run, I still haven't seen so much as a picture of one in verte form.

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