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Dropped my car off at the Dealer today.


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It should be no big deal but the parts finally came in and the Dealer

is going to replace the HID headlites (stains on interior lenses)

Rear deck lid and bumper stripes (uneaven)

Plastic moldings over radiator and under windshield wipers(cracked and warped)

And touch up paint around oil fill on rocker cover(chipped off around edge)


Ya I know the rocker covers are anodized but the dealer says they can

match it and make it look good as I don't want to have them change

the cover.

Hope all goes well or :banghead:


THERE WILL BE :censored: TO PAY..........


Oh ya, and my 05 MustangGT had NO WARRANTY ISSUES on delivery and

I paid 20000 less for it............. :hysterical:

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