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Enclosed Carrier to Las Vegas 85th. Start in New England


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The 85th we be a once in a lifetime event. Don't miss out having your car there if you are lucky enough to have tickets.



Here's the deal. We have an excellent enclosed transport to bring 6 cars to Las Vegas starting in New England.


WE NEED 2-3 more cars to make it happen at that price to fill the truck 3 slots are Reserved already.

He will start picking up cars the Saturday before the 10th. Which is January 5th.

Truck will Arrive Thursday, Jan 10th to the hotel where we have our hotel tickets. He will be there by 9AM.

Truck Leaves Sunday, Jan 13th at 6PM or when full. Drop you cars and the keys at hotel and hop on the shuttle to the airport.

He will wait around with the truck and then bring the cars back in reverse order.

This company comes highly reconmended from a friend of mine who owns a motorcycle shipping company.

The equipment is all top notch. He wins truck show all the time with the truck he will be using.


MAX 6 cars on the truck (no more ,no less )

You pay the shipping company directly.

$2000.00 per car, round trip. (Our best prices before that ranged from $2500-3600.)

You meet the transport off a major highway.

No neighborhood pickups, the truck is way too big and it keeps our costs down.


Here's the transport. www.xtreme-transport.com He has a $350,000 rig that it is absolutely sweet.

I will get him to send me the contract and insurance and will scan it and post it on my personal web site.



He plans to avoid the weather as much as possible so he will pick up 3 cars in Providence, RI

then head south along 95...

Maybe through PA on 75 and 81......

Head to Memphis , TN and then West to Las Vegas.

That opens up cars up and down 95, and on the way to PA, TN, VA etc.


Call me on my cell phone

Tim Petit


NO EMAILS, NO PMS. PLEASE ! We need real people ready to go onboard. Please just call.

First come, first serve

NO deals for half trips.

I make ZERO on this deal, I'm paying the same price you are so I'll give you the facts, you decide.



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