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Touch Up Paint


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Thought all you new owners could use the info. I wish I had it when I first got mine.


There's a great web site for touch up paint. They will mix a kit including pens, touch ups and even any size spray cans in your color for you. And are really a great bunch of guys.


Paint Scratch


I ordered a kit just to have it around...just in case :banghead:

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So for stone chips on the hood that are all the way through (you can see white) would you touch them up or leave them be?


I hate seeing touch up paint on a nice new car but maybe that just means it was not applied properly


I also have wondered if the paint could peel more from the chip


I've got a couple that are most of the way through, and I'm just leaving them for now. I'll probably have them cleaned up by a pro and then put on a clear 3M bra.

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