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Shelby American Holiday Gala


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My wife and I attended the Shelby American Holiday Gala this past Saturday. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Just being in the same room as all that automotive history blew me away. It was amazing to meet Mr. Shelby. What a great guy. We also had the privilege to meet Ms. Amy Boylan. Now that's one stand-up gal. It was was also great to meet Lew Spencer, Phil Remington & Bill Neale.


To cap off the night, we were able to confirm with Mr. Shelby that my wife is indeed related to him. My wife asked him if he was related to her grandfather, and Carroll responded, "I sure am. Mt Vernon, Texas, right?" It was very cool.


Here are some pictures. Please pardon my deer-in-the-headlights look. It was a long and exciting night.


Picture with Mr. Shelby:




Me with Ms. Amy Boylan:




My wife with Lew Spencer:




Me with Phil Remington:




Signatures on the Monroney (Carroll Shelby, Amy Boylan, Bill Neale):




Mr Shelby:


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I agree. It was a very cool event. Lots of nice people and great cars!

Thank you Rick it was a pleasure tyo meet you and your wife and it was an honor to be asked to sign your monrony label




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Hi All,


I agree it was a fantastic party. That museum is one of the finest car museums I have ever seen.

I was star struck just being around all those great historic Shelby cars and people. Got to meet Phil Remington who by all accounts is the "Best darn mechanic to ever live". What a nice man. Bill Neale was there and as always was the perfect gentleman, He also brought along an orginal piece of his artwork to auction off for the benifit of the museum and Carroll's Heart Fund. It brought a very generous bid ( as Bill's artwork always does). Hopefully someone got a picture of it to post on this web site for all to see. It is a really nice piece. Also there was a very nice life size bronze sculpture of Carroll done from a very famous picture of him at the Leman'sfrom about the I believe 1965 era. The sclupture is very expressive, and I saw Carroll's face when he first laid eyes on it. You could see he was very pleased with it. What a great party and wonderful museum ( only open to the public on Sat. from 9-5 )













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Oh, what a night! :happy feet:


CS is 85, for goodness' sake!


Amy is hot.


Ruf is out. :hysterical2:

Pretzel - and this is important - get back on your meds. :redcard:



:wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub: I am blushing......


On Carroll, he is 85 and he forgot his razor, so he used one of those disposable ones and cut his face beyond belief. It was a tough day for him, he is actually doing well, and I am glad my picture did reveal that much light and color :hysterical2:


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I agree, it was a great party. There were quite a few more people there this year than last. Carroll was actually looking better this year than last, so hopefully there will be plenty more parties to come! I was able to get a Hertz die cast I have signed and also a poster.


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