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2007 GT500 Dyno Results

Just Tony

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After 40th Anniversary conversion and 3.73 gears, had a blue CF JLT CAI installed and tuned with a Diablosport Predator. Ricardo Topete from GTR High Performance in Rancho Cucamonga, CA (http://www.gtrhipo.com/) did the dyno tuning. I just asked him to make it safely high.


The run in blue is the best one from the dyno run shown in the first post - bone stock. He didn't record the boost levels in this run which is why it shows zero. In between, Ricardo installed a Fluidyne heat exchanger. The run in red is from the first run after the JLT install/Predator tune with only minimal changes to the canned JLT/93 octane tune. He took off a few degrees of timing (running 91 octane in California), changed the coolant temp set points, and changed the differential ratio to 3.73. He also removed the speed limit and moved the rev limiter up a smidge. This setup got the highest HP/TQ numbers but the A/F was a little high. After a fuel change, the A/F was a little low (11.3) on a dyno run not shown on the graph. So a final fuel change got the the dark blue run with a good safe A/F but a slightly lower HP/TQ on the sixth and final dyno run. I shot video of all 3 sets of runs. I'll post them after I upload them to Photobucket.

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Yes, I forgot to mention the stripe mod added with the 40th. Adds 1 HP but weighs 1 lb so the HP/weight ratio remains unchanged. :hysterical:


Here is a pic of it going on to the dynomometer



The rear on the dyno



Me waiting to help Rampage make a quick getaway



Pickup day at SAI




Hey, this is the dyno thread. I better stop this and start an arrival thread in the right forum. :shift:

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