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new 2008 Bullitt video? New members opinions FWIW


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Although I realize the Bullitt is not a Shelby, hopefully you Mustang enthusiasts will enjoy this clip, particularly the exhaust note, just uploaded to Streetfire.net. I'm not sure how to do the paste and copy, or whatever is required but you should be able to find it at www.V8TVShow.com. Thanks so much to all that responded to my earlier post with your kind words of encouragement, and if it were possible to be even greener with envy, naturally replies come from my favorite color combinations, although vapor with black stripes is very attractive as well. Incidentally although I'm partial to red, my 71 CJ429 Torino Cobra is Viper red, so wouldn't do to have two the same color. With all due respect to the fellow who purchased his 07 in Manitoba at MSRP, that is still $10,000 over list in the U.S., unless they're less expensive than in B.C. for whatever reason, or at least that's my understanding. Time to sign off, continue nightly ritual of checking eBay prices, then retire to ogle the magazine photos of the drop dead gorgeous car which you lucky people own, and will someday be mine!! My family unfortunately does not share my passion, my kids keep replacing my computer wallpaper and taunt me with repeated stories of having seen a Shelby driving on the road, which I know is B.S. as I have seen but one, and that was just a glimpse three lanes over on the other side of the road!! Sorry to bore you all with my apparent insanity, just to let you know that as a reasonably mature and knowledgeable enthusiast IMHO there is no vehicle that offers so much in terms of performance, heritage, functionality and appearance than the GT500, at any price.

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