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Super Snake Questions

Mach 1

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Why didn’t SAI make a carbon fiber rear valance to go on the Super Snake to match the other carbon fiber pieces? If the GT 500 suffers from excessive wheel hop , is SAI putting new lower and upper control arms on the new Super Snake along with some kind of adjustable panhard bar or watts link? Is the short throw shifter the same one that Shelby Performance Parts has in the new winter catalog? Is the Eibach Suspension being put on the Super Snake going to be the Mustang Pro Street S or the Multi-Pro R1/R2? If SAI is a Mod Shop, why can’t we get the JBA long tube headers put on the Super Snake along with the rest of the JBA exhaust system, even if it does not pass exhaust emissions tests? These are just some questions I have about the Super Snake package before I make my deposit, which I probably will do anyway. I just love the looks of that car. I would love to have the blacked out lights too! :happy feet: :happy feet:

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M1, per John Walker on the SAI web site


The exhaust will be a 3" cat-back exhaust. We are working with JBA and will probably offer the JBA as an option. Right now, Borla is the brand in the package. We are not changing the cats due to gov't regs. (we want this car to be legal)


Doug at SAI has told me the the shifter will be a hurst style shifter as of 11/19, this could change.


I've asked about the new Shelby suspension and the new components. All I got back was SAI is always looking at improvements to our packages. And that the strut tower brace for the 725hp SS is in development. I have also asked what Eibach Suspension is being used for the SS, no response yet.


It sound's like SAI has their hands full working out all the details for the Super Snake, but the wait should be well worth it.


I'm hoping they offer the new Shelby suspension with all their new components and the Shelby shifter.

Maybe we will see a 3rd Super Snake package with the 3.4 Whipple? Time will tell.

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