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Do You want a Shelby GT500 at 70K or a Mustang with 840HP for Same Price

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Yes, Livernois Motorsports makes great products, has a great reputation, and is offering an "affordable" 840hp package, but it is not a factory original car - just a tuner car. I have a feeling you get no factory warranty on the Livernois Motorsports GT, like you do with the Shelby GT500. Warranty may not matter to some customers, though, especially those who have $70K to blow on a Mustang.


More importantly to me, is that the Livernois Motorsports GT still uses a SOHC 4.6L V8, not a DOHC 5.4L, or even a DOHC 4.6L for that matter. Yes, the 05/06 Mustang GT's 3-valve motor has quite a tremendous aftermarket and is performing admirably, but there is just something cool about the 4-valve Modular V8's.

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I want the SHELBY too but at MSRP or very close to it.


Not at 60K that some are willing to pay.


It was a fun thought... If i were paying 15 to 20k over MSRP

Id be looking for a different car for sure.


But it was fun to throw out the question to find out what

was important to people. A GT500 or a Screaming Fast Car with lots of HP :shift:

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