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New member (and soon to be owner) sends thanks.


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After lurking about in these forums, and feeling somewhat embarassed with my "guest" appearances I just wished to extend my appreciation to all contributors as every question and concern I could possibly imagine has been addressed at various times. I currently own a 71 Torino 429 Cobra and have lusted after the GT500 since its inception. Fortunately I will be in a financial position to purchase in the spring, so hopefully the prices will continue to decline and the Canadian dollar will remain close to par with the U.S. $ to facilitate this dream. Of particular interest is questions concerning importation, for which I thank Joe Frito for his diligence, although I hope the HID/DRL situation is rectified and that the Securilock issue can be resolved without the seemingly pointless necessity of the letter from Ford. The price we pay for questionable Canadian legislation, not to mention our climate which will likely preclude driving the Shelby for about 8 months of the year,( had no idea about the tire/temperature issue.) Although I realize everyone knows the absurd prices Canadian dealers are asking it may be interesting to note that a 07 vert recently sold at my local B.C. dealership for $82,000 as reported by the too smug for me salesman. Must be nice to have that much money, while some of us, or at least myself don't have to consider selling my first born and/or liquidating every asset to own my dream vehicle. Anyway thanks to all for your invaluable assistance and to those who have patiently read this far.

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