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How many have problems with the lowered cars?


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I've put a lot of very low cars onto my mobile dyno trailer, and I've changed the design over the years to accomodate them.


For a car with a front bumper that is 3-4" off the ground you really need a minimum 8-10" run for every 1" of rise. For an open car trailer with a low deck that may just mean having some 5ft long ramps. For a big enclosed trailer that may mean having some 3ft ramps that fold out after the main ramp door comes out.

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The tech at the dealership has 4 pieces of 2x10 that he stacks to get my car up on their lift. It wouldn't make it without them.

My trailer has 5' long pull-out ramps and I still have to put 5' long 4x4's cut at a 20% angle under the ends of the ramps. And, if I'm on anything but level ground, I snag the splitter. I've got just over 4" clearance with the hoosiers; almost 5.5" with the stock rubber (alot easier to load and unload). A roll-back would help.


We also drive it up onto 2x12's to get it on the lift. Oh, and buy a low profile floor jack!


Driving problems....I've only had problems on Colorado highways....at 70mph I bottomed out 4 times in one day; twice on I-70 west of the Eisenhower tunnel, once on the west scenic loop, and once chasing Bonedoc around Denver :waiting: If you've got lots of dips for storm drainage in your town, watch out. I haven't had any problems where I live.

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