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After Market Sound System

shelby tom

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wondering if anyone out there has replaced the factory Shaker 500 system, and if so, whose head unit did you use....are you satisfied, any problems/glitches with the install? Has anyone found a 4 ohm speaker that works in the front door panel without modifiying the panel?

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I haven't made the purchase but have made my mind up (suspension, tires and wheels are next, then stereo) on the Pioneer AVIC Z2.


It's the cleanest looking head unit I've seen. And I'll be putting in a JL Audio trunk sub and that's about it. I'll holler when I get it in.

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I replaced my shaker 500 with a Clarion MAX675VD HU. It fits perfectly and install was pretty easy. The only thing it doesn't have is bluetooth, but they've released a newer model (MAX675VDII) that has it. I also got the NAV module, TV tuner, Sirius, and iPod controller for it. I got it all for about $1800 online and installed myself. I was able to use the factory Sirius antenna, so the stock unit wasn't a total loss, but I did have to add an antenna for the GPS (stick on). The only problem I ran into during install was finding a VSS (vehicle speed sensor) to tap for the GPS, but I eventually found it. GPS needs it to help calculate where you are, and I believe any GPS unit will need to have this connection.


The only problem I have with it on a day-to-day use is it can get a pretty bad glare when I've got the top down. If you've got a coupe (or have the top up) it most likely won't be an issue. And also, like all LCD screens its kinda hard to see when wearing polarized sunglasses...which I do, especially with the top down.


I also got the JL Audio "Stealthbox" and a JL 500/1 amp and let me tell you, if you like bass....DAMN. The 13W6 it comes with hits really hard and clean. Its pretty easy to install (custom fit) and is about the same size as the shaker 1000 box I believe. I ordered some extra Shelby floor/trunk mats for the shaker 1000, and the trunk mat is actually about an inch short or so (in width). So I just used my shaker500 size mat and folded it under on the right side. Fits and looks perfect.


I've heard the Pioneer units are nice. If I wasn't a long time fan of Clarion I would probably go with one of those.


Here's the Clarion unit.

And the Stealthbox, available for both coupe & vert.


I haven't got any pictures of the stealthbox yet, but here's some of the Clarion HU.





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Hey Pig

that isn't the same subwoofer you had in the car at the FL meet and Greet last May is it???

What happen, you needed more trunk space :hysterical2:

LOL...No this is a new one. I still have the other box, but it just didn't give me the thump I was looking for. The old box had more mid-upper range bass, if that makes any sense. Didn't have the deep bass that the stealthbox does. I actually thought about having both boxes (cause they'll both fit), but I think that would be a bit overkill....on the bass and added weight.


Here's the old one....


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