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HID Lights

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Was at dealership last Sat. and the HID lights detract from look of car IMO, it leaves a big plastic chromed "chunk" in the headlight assembly.

Hum... I have them and LOVE the look, makes the car look mean, but then again color could have something to do with it. On ebony it is crazy hot! :happy feet:

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Can someone who's used the HID kit from American Muscle comment on the installation process? Easy/Hard? Also, looks like some pretty big boxes to mount someplace under the hood - where would one mount the boxes?

I installed the Bi-Xenon lights along with the fog lamps in a couple hours. I didn't take any pictures until I was done & that was a big mistake since very little was visible afterwards. Because the Bi-Xenons have both the hi & lo beams, there are 2 ballast for each head light.


I started by taking the front fascia off for better access to the fog lamps. The fog lamp ballasts are mounted to the bumper supports using 3M trim tape & zip ties. For the passenger side head light, one ballast is mounted to the front of the wheel well right behind the head light housing. The other ballast is mounted to the top of the fender, just above the first ballast. Both ballasts are mounted using 3M trim tape only (no access for zip ties). The ballasts for the driver side are mounted differently because the supplied harness is about 12" too short primarily do to the battery location (I e-mailed American Muscle this info). One ballast is mounted to the drivers side head light housing with 3M trim tape & the other to the brake manifold just behind the driver side head light.


The instructions say to just put tape over the unused factory head light harness, but I went a little further. I took one of the stock bulbs that are being replaced, & removed the bulb, element & contacts & then filled it with a 2 part epoxy. When it was dry, I installed it back into the factory wire harness. I removed the bulb by putting it & several rocks in a plastic butter container & then taped the lid on. I then threw it in the air & let gravity do the rest.


Be sure to take your time. If you do remove the front fascia, it will go a lot easier if you have a second set of hands.


I got the 6000k bulbs for both the head lights & fog lamps. Which ever bulb you get, you'll notice a big improvement over the factory ones.




My parents live in Geneva, we were just back there this past summer.

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