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Blogger gets Bullitt-proof


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Blogger gets Bullitt-proof


Every automaker wants to expand its reach to nontraditional media to attract more customers.


So it's no surprise that Business Insider found itself sitting next to an entertainment blogger from the Web site JoBlo.com during the Mustang Bullitt preview in California this week.


The blogger took Ford Motor Co. up on its invitation to test drive the vehicle, hoping to cover the Steve McQueen aspect of the hunter green machine. The Bullitt comes out in January to mark the 40th anniversary of the famous movie of the same name.


JoBlo didn't show much interest in the 4.7-liter V-8 with a cold-air intake, the brushed aluminum dash or the enhanced suspension that lets the car cut corners like an ultra-cool movie icon.


In fact, during the first day of the drive, he talked about movies, life in L.A. and the cool fog coming off of the mountains, which reminded him of "Friday the 13th" movies.


When it came time for JoBlo to take the wheel, he passed, citing one problem Ford forgot to check.


"I really don't know how to drive a stick," he said. :redcard::shift::hysterical::ohsnap::drop:


The following morning, JoBlo got his chance to learn. Lucky for him, he didn't have to re-enact the infamous chase scene on the hilly streets of San Francisco.



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