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***Her Ride Home***

Super Snake

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Congrats on the first birthday!!



Awesome Lonnie! :happy feet:

Was your car broke when you bought it, I notice it had to be trailered? :huh:

You have a great looking family.


:hysterical2: the car was delivered to Ernie Haire Ford in Tampa, 250 miles away, I didn't want to put the miles on her

thanks, that is my family less 1, my oldest daughter and her husband live in Ga.

I also notice you bought it from a Chevy dealer? :huh:


Ernie Haire Ford in Tampa, I can't see the picture at work, I'll have to look when I get home but it was a FORD dealer for sure



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Are you serious? One year ago today? Our twins are a day apart on delivery :baby:

Yes Rodney 1 day apart, it would have been the same day but I was up north

I flew home just to pick her up. This is just one of the reasons I idolize you my friend

You have great taste in color and great timing :happy feet:

there now you know :headspin:



Is a little one on the way now ? :hysterical2::hysterical2::hysterical:

I know I know Rob

I didn't want to climb through the window

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Congrats on the 1 yr birthday.. so what was the B-day present she got for turning 1 ???

Oh I hadn't reall thought about it much :hysterical:

Ok maybe just a little :banghead:

Alright Alriight I think about it every friggen minute of every day :banghead:


Steeda Tri-Ax® Shifter for Shelby GT500


Hurst stick

Shift ball

Evolution Performance Shelby GT500 Stage 2 (93 Octane) 2.6 or Steeda CAI still unsure

3.73:1 Ring & Pinion

Billet Rear Control Arms - Ford Logo

Adjustable Street Upper Control Arm 3rd Link - '05-'08

3 Point Frame Rail & Torque Box Brace

Steeda Street Panhard Bar

Shelby Floor Mats

Steeda Sport Springs

Steeda Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets

GrayShelby Razors and tires


not all at once, a little at a time

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