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All, I thought I'd take a moment to make some quick links for quick and easy access to some frequent topics. I am unsure of the outcome of the merging of the SAI SGT Forum with this one so I thought I'd make things easier here in the event that the SAI Forum links change or disappear.


Anyway, I found that there were some topics that were frequently used but also found that new people were unaware of the existing links or unable to successfully search for what they need and many of us found it easier to just post a new topic with the same subject. Therefore, here is a list of frequent topics. Click on these links to go to the topic you are interested, if here, rather than creating a new topic.


1) Hood Scoops


2) Supercharger


3) SGT Arrival Map - Actually I found the one on this forum here but I don't see many SGT guys there so let's all fill this one out: Put yourself on the map!


4) SGT Arrival Forum


5) Car Shows and other events


6) Questions for Amy Boylan (Shelby Autos President)


7) Questions for John W. (Sales and other)


8) Questions for Bud M. (Mod Shop)


9) Trophy Count


10) Technical Specs and Instructions


11) SGT FAQ's


12) Vanity Plates


13) Post a link to your pictures


14) Shelby GT Parking Lot


Hope this is useful. Hope this doesn't end up being a waste of effort (ie. if the two forums get merged and we are able to continue with the SAI content). Well, actually, I hope we can continue with all the SAI Forum content. Just trying to help and make things easier for all.


If anyone cares to add more frequent and common links, just post something here with a copy of the link and I'll add it to this post #1.


If anyone at Team Shelby feels this is okay to do, can you please put this up with the sticky posts but allow all to post to it? Thanks.

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I'd rather see the content moved and the other (SAI) forum shut down.


To duplicate efforts and make people run around cross linking. cross searching, and all is just silly.


As mentioned above, I agree. That's why I did all this (and the other new topics) last night. If they move the SAI Forum over, I'll fix all these links. Either way, my thought was to have one post for each "very common" topic rather than have dozens or in some cases hundreds of each and so it would be easier and quicker to find them - especially for new people.


I guess we'll just wait and see what they do.

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