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Vanity Plates


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All, please use this post for all "Vanity Plates" related discussion. ther eis a quick link to this topic in the sticky at the top of this forum.


I'll start with my plate I guess. It is MFG-013. This is the same that Mr. Shelby had on his Cobra when he sold on Barrett Jackson for $5.5M.


I watched that show, copied it and then watched it again to capture the plate. I found it was available online so I ordered it. I later learned from the SAAC that this is the same plate that Shelby had 40+ years ago and used them (78 of them) for all their cars. I shipped my plate to SAI while my car was there so they could take pics of it in the factory (40 years later). See my signature for more info.


Just in case the link works after the merger of the forums, here is the link to the SAI topic started by Socal:



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