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so any word on when they will start excepting returns to mod shop for s/c installs?

is there a list of some sort for signing up for it ???



Bud had mentioned after the first of the new year. I would contact Bud at budm@shelbyautos.com or 702-448-7878.

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What supercharger Whipple or Paxton wins in A quarter mile. Both STOCK

SGT, The mark to beat 11.43 with a Paxton, Louie did this about a month ago. He's done some suspension mods and drag radials. He did this his first time out. He's shooting for breaking into the tens. I think he'll do it. Obviously this boy can drive :superhero: . The Shelby GT's need suspension work to allow for weight transfer. The Whipple's low-end torque are going to have a real problem getting the car to hook up without mods. I think Adam's was the first Whipple out, they just haven't been out long enough for them to get them dialed in. By next summer we should have a better idea.

I think either one is capable of mid eleven's, but the driver is probably the most important after the car is set-up. I would be curious to see the guys with the auto trans and the SC could do. Only time will tell. : :shift:


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