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Plot thickens for Unique Performance


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I have seen stories about poor quality and lack of customer service but now it seems things are getting worse. I hope all those with deposits in are able to get a refund.


Hey there,


The article mentions they also do work with Foose - wonder how long before he washes his hands of his relationship with them. Not good news for sure.



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Not good news, but I remember reading about how each car would get assigned it's own new V.I.N. number anyway - which would explain why the V.I.N. tags were scraped/etched off.


Does it really matter? I guess "title washing" is a big deal to the government & on a legal issue.... with that said...on that age of vehicle and how you know it is being totally rebuilt from the ground up, would it really matter at all if it was a previous salvage vehicle or not??


I mean, if you are foolish enough to part with $200,000 to $250,000 for a toy car, does it REALLY matter if it had a salvage or marked title BEFORE it was completely & totally redone.


I think not.

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