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SEMA Pics!


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Thanks again to Agent 47, SW Customs, DPR, ACP. UPR, Audio Innovations and everyone else for making the car so great, and for creating a fun, positive week at SEMA. And a special thank you to John for giving me a ride Saturday morning to Azusa to pick up my car.




In case you havent seen the preview pics yet here they are again (178 pics total): http://www.auto-focus.us/autoblog/?p=128


Day1 (277 pics total): http://www.auto-focus.us/autoblog/?p=129


Day2 (272 pics total) MINOR WW: http://www.auto-focus.us/autoblog/?p=130


Day3 (165 pics total): http://www.auto-focus.us/autoblog/?p=131


Day4 (116 pics total): http://www.auto-focus.us/autoblog/?p=132


and if you havent yet seen this vid, Shaun Strayer (Boostfiend.com) has put together a very nice compilation of the girls of SEMA. Check it out here: http://www.auto-focus.us/autoblog/?p=133

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I love SEMA, what else can you ask for hot cars, hot chicks, nice weather, cool place to spend a few days :happy feet: Thanks for the info!

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