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Paul's High Performance Bushings - anyone use them?


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I was wondering if anyone tried these out:




I would think that they would take some of the slop out, make for a better shifter, and avoid the labor intensive job of replacing the whole thing; in theory, that is. Anyone have experience / know someone who does with this?

I bought a copy of a publication called Mustang Milestones. In there is an article where Paul's High Performance did some mods to a GT500 including their bushing mod to the shifter. The article indicates the shifter mod is NOT an easy install. You still have to get under the car and move things out of the way to gain access to replace some of the shifter parts. If I were to go through this much trouble, I would rather replace the entire shifter assembly with a FRPP or Steeda Triax shifter; that's just my opinion.


The article however did go on to say the shifter mod delivered a noticeable improvement in shift quality.

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