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Shelby Super Snake 725hp

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Bill, it will definitely be getting the Kenne Bell Twin Screw

I would only assume it would be this one:



Check out the SEMA Pictures to see the pictures of it on the SS


It will be getting a new drive shaft, Steel (Last I was told), I am assuming it is a 1 piece design.


It will be getting a JBA Manifold back exhaust system.


The official list should be out with in the next couple of days.

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Bill, Amy mentioned a press release on your thread on the Q & A with Amy forum. I can't find a new press release.


I recall that a couple weeks ago, there was mention of some exciting things coming at SEMA(new mod shops, SS) but it was not clear. It is common in the business to issue a press release when you introduce something.

Amy seems to indicate there was a press release as she was going to check. I live in Florida and also ask in another thread about the Florida mod shop that was to be announced a couple weeks ago as, the deal was done. Thanks, Bill

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The Kenne Bell site lists the max hp at 692 with 15.5 lbs of boost as the highest power output on street gas. I wonder how they'll get to 725+? Stage 3 needs 18 psi to reach 728 hp on race gas.


Unless they are talking about rwhp and not crank hp on the KB site?


The 600 and 725 are est. Crank HP, Kenne Bell is probably giving wheel HP?

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