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Payment to join Team Shelby

Bill Sander

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When I logged into the site, I tried to join and when I trried to pay with paypal, it shows payment to WAGNER ROBERT. Is this correct? Seems strange.

I just did this, and joined (now that the shirt is not a 2007 GT500) and I finished it but no where did it ask about the shirt size or color, so I PM Robert Lane. Let me know if you have the same issue!

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I assume my S197SOA membership carries over for the remander of my membership right ? And what about the Shelby GT shirt that I never got ?

Per Robert on another thread


Everyone will automatically receive new members cards (same member number) and a new STATIC window stickers. For a small charge, you will receive a new shirt, a 152 page limited edition, collectible Shelby book (the last one was made 15 years ago - this is another one-off) and some other items that will announce soon. Shelby GT/GT-H owners who have joined the club and are waiting on the new shirts. They will start mailing those out within 2 weeks.

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You can send it to me, and I will make sure SAI knows :hysterical:

Anyways....this membership, if a husband and wife will be posting here, do both have to join seperately?






It is one membership kit per person. Most all the events will include the members families at the same price or discounts you can put the family name on the cards but both cards must be the same. There will be extra shirts and items available to purchase. Also the main member will be the one to get the Decal on there name. Family members will always be apart of our shows.


Hope this helps

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