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5K Over MSRP Ebay Auction


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After waiting 18 months for my dealer to come thru which he never did I got on Ebay last week and here is what I found.

The dealers are coming down on the ADM. Last week I had a dealer in Mississippi offer me 3k over and I countered back at 1.4k he didn't take it but a dealer in Indy did. Car listed for 47580 I paid 49. Left at 4:30am the next day, thought I'd better get there b-4 he changed his mind, loaded it on the trailer and back on the road in an hour! This is a pretty sweet car, although I had to have the wheels rebalanced because 3 were out of balance. The car only had 2.4 miles when I picked it up, never had to rebalnce wheels straight from the factory.

Ron C.

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