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New Super Snake, 40th and GT photos


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I was just there last week and loved being able to see the all chrome Razor on the 40th and the silver on the Prototype Shelby Mustang...but I still can't make my pee-brain up....would someone just order them for me :banghead:


It was kind of amusing, there were quite a few people waiting on the tour and after seeing the 40th in the showroom and noticing the billet caps through the new hood inserts, I asked the young lady that was giving the tour if she could raise the hood so i might look at them closer....You'd thought I'd made a joke about a bomb in an airport. :hysterical2: She was appauled that I even asked....and said it was 15 minutes before the tour and MAYBE after the tour they might open the hood....When I told her I had a GT500 already and was just wanting to see the caps on, a lady that was standing there over heard her telling me this and grabbed me by the arm and walked me outside to her red 40th they were taking delivery of and said, "here, look all you want." I looked at the caps, but I have to say in all honesty, if I paid 13k for the 40th and mine came out as filthy as theirs did, I'd have someone's hind end...it was disgusting. Under the hood was some billet caps and a very filthy engine compartment.

They hadn't even cleaned hand prints and paraded it up front like it was gold. The employees were playing like kids in the garage while on their lunch break and throwing around someone's back seat bottom and covering up other mechanics laying on the floor...it reminded me of bad episode of OCC. I wasn't real impressed and really expected a little more from them than that.

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