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Its Here!!!!


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My car came in today!!! :happy feet:


I picked it up about three hours ago and my head is still spinning!! :headspin:


It was a crazy day to say the least.


I worked late, and on the way home thought I would call the dealer to see if he had any new info on my car. I knew the car was produced 10-18 and was scheduled to arrive sometime next week. I called thinking that he would have some shipping updates for me. He said he had no new info. I said thanks and that was that.


I stopped at a store to get something to drink for the long ride home. Upon leaving my phone rings and the caller ID tells me its the dealer, now mind you I had just talked to my salesman not five minutes earlier, I thought maybe he has some new info. I answer and my salesman says (out of breathe because he was running to call me back) "Your not gonna believe this..... its here! I'm like WHAT!!!! :headspin:

As soon as he hung up with me the first time the truck pulled in with my car.


Before you guys start yelling about pics, my comp crashed last week and I havent downloaded my camera program yet onto the new computer so I promise pics tomorrow.


I still cant believe it! It was only made a week ago and its sitting in my garage! :yahoo:


Oh by the way I already installed my mirror covers, shorty antenna and MGW plug and Red stripe package floor mats, havent even had it four hours yet!


On the down side there is a small scratch, passenger side front fascia. That bummed me out. They promised to make it right though.

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Congrats! That is a great looking Shelby :)


Way to go !! That is awsome that it showed up so early.. I can only hope to be that lucky and Mine

shows up earlier than the expected delievery date.


BTW. The more I look at the Red With Black Stripes, the more I like that color combo. I think it

is a much hotter look than the classice Red w/White Great choice.


But White / Blue is still the fastest guys. Remember the name has the word Performance in it for a reason. :hysterical:



CONGRATS KID !!! :happy feet:

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Hay kid pay no mine to the clowns here, the red and black is dam fast and a nice combo......................BUT red with sat silver is the fastest :happy feet: :hysterical2: :happy feet: Cool ride!!!!!!!!!!!!

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