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Summarizing the Age Vote Poll


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So far it looks like the majority of the voters were at least teenagers, participating in the end of the muscle car era, maybe getting a good deal on a good used pony car or better.


The next largest group are those of us who were able to jump into a new car in the showroom and hit the street-strip on weekends.


There is a different attraction to the new Shelby for these groups than the younger ones, IMO.


We were into big block, carburated, go straight racing. We either had, or had friends that would run their Shelby on the strip on weekends, or stop light to stop light on the strip - the rest of us would always be willing to run-what we-brung against them. But we always wanted a Shelby.


Today, they squeeze the same (and more) horsepower from smaller dispacement engines, but the draw of raw horsepower is still the same.


I am not saying that you had to be a part of the era to understand it, but it helps to understand the desire to re-live it. With the retro 05 Mustang, it sparked further interest, and now that Shelby has lent his expertise to the car, it becomes a necessity!


So regardless of how old you are, or your reason to have a Shelby, we are all of the same mind - we just gotta have one ...

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