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Touch-up Paint


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Went to the Dealer to find Grabber Orange touch-up paint for a small rock scratch but they didn't have any clue about it, Does anyone know if I can get it?


I find that TOTALLY amazing (or a lazy parts guy). You should be able to go into any Ford dealer, give them the last 8 of your VIN and have them look up the actual color and color code - so they can get you a bottle of touch up paint. I worked in Parts at a local Ford dealership before working in Service. Now working on the other side :)


Anyway, should be a slam dunk for them to get you the paint. They MAY not have it in stock, but its an overnight order most likely.


Hope that helps some.





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The paint code is also listed inside the drivers door on the manufactuer's label.


A body shop could also mix you up some if you give them the paint code


Try this site. I had awesome results with their product.




I just checked and the have the color Valencia Effect Clearcoat (I thought it should have said Grabber Orange) but it is the same U-3 code that Grabber said so I guess they have it.


Here was some discussion on the SAI forum:



I got the paint pens (silver and black), a can of black spray and a clearcoat spray for the "ya never know" security factor. Plus, it was for Carroll's signature.


Good luck.

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